Understanding and appreciating the Nedke system.

Medication DateTime Couriers (MDTC)

Not able to pick up your medicines because your Pharmacy closes at the time or date convenient for you ? No problem , We collect medicines for you from your local Pharmacy and deliver to you at your convenient time and place. Simply call them and tell them we are coming to collect for you. SMS or call 0765799595 to make arrangements, or you can Click to leave details . NB: Pretoria Central only


Select medicine you are looking for by first selecting from either, Brand name, Generic name,Pharmacology group or Pharmacy/Supplier menu. Under the list "Potential stocker(s)" click the 'Pick it Up' under every medicines you are looking for. When done click on the 'Rx icon' then "Check out" or edit quantities, complete the form and,'how can we help you ?' ,submit and relax. The Pharmacy or service provider who shared will reply to you. You can view the reply under menu item 'InComing'.

Non-Service Provider users sharing Stock info .

  • A non-service provider is any user who does not have a legal permit to provide Pharmaceutical services hence can not be registered with nedke as service provider. Please note that nedke will handle and pass over to Pharmacies or legal service providers all picked up, forwarded and replied messages if the user sharing stock info does not have a registered service providers account with nedke.
  • Note: A Pharmacy name that appears as potential stocker under '>>>Forward to' has been simply shared by users and does not mean the Pharmacy is officially registered with nedke as service provider thus any messages forwarded to them will go via nedke system and not direct.
  • Only official registered service providers who are also registered with Nedke ,like Pharmacies, Doctors, Pharmaceutical wholesalers etc will be able to receive directly details of messages for picked up,forwarded and replied items. To register Call 0790676293.
  • Forward Medication

    You can't find your prescribed medication at your local Pharmacy? No problem , To find a local Pharmacy stocking your type of medicine. Just click on forward icon then select service provider/Pharmacy you want to request from. Add some text and photo of package if necessary then OK. Any replies will appear under 'In Coming' list, just keep checking them.

    P2P Stock peep

    This is excellent tool for any Pharmacy, if medication ordered is not in stock currently, you may want to 'peep' and borrow it or refer patient to another Pharmacy. Just click on forward icon or from drop down menu select 'InComing' , click on forward icon then select the Pharmacy you want to ask from , add some message if necessary then click 'OK'. A reply will appear under "InComing" list.

    Medicine Price Variations Check

    Believe it or not, Different Pharmacies may charge different prices for the same medication but within the 'legal range', However, such variations can make a very big saving in your pocket. Below every medicine you find a percentage variation indicator showing by how much the medication deviates from the average posted prices. If stock is posted by 'certified source' a sticker will appear on top. Certified sources also act like benchmarkers against which all other prices posted can be compared. Most are official businesses or individuals, with moral and ethical obligation to society, like Pharmacies,Pharmaceutical Wholesalers,Sales reps, Pharmacy Personnel,Doctors, etc certified by Nedke to share stock info with their community on this system.