Welcome, you are at the right place.This is a micro crowd funding solution from hibo.Whether its school fees,text books,funding for your family house or for a starter up this is it. State your case and motivate your request for funding. Our objective is to help you reach out to a wider community of friends,good Samaritans,Angel investors and donors etc, willing to help you out depending on your financial needs. This crowd funding has no minimum or maximum amounts. No amount is too small to ask or too big to kill your dream. We all have different challenges and needs ,it could be for that very important one month train ticket of R100 or just surprise birthday cake for your son or daughter,or that dream second hand family car you have been saving for many years and just want to tick it off your bucket list. You must first sign in or sign up before applying for Ubuntu crowd funding(UCF). Then click "Get to work" >> "Crowd fund application"