READ THIS: Its very easy to loose than to win the Jackpot so why not flip the coin and use your loosing numbers to win?.To win jackpot you don't need all numbers from 1 to 49, because not all of them will come. The sample to pick from is a minimum of 6 numbers only. The smaller the sample to pick from the better the chance you have of winning the jackpot, what is left now is just to figure out the best possible combination.This system solves these two challenges for you, so all you have to do is play. If you don't get six numbers(Jackpot),with this system, chances are that you will at least win back some, if not all, of the money you spend every time you play. This system uses a combination of complex algorithm ,statistics and probability to generate a set of possible outcomes to win the jackpot, 6 numbers straight. It will always give you the best possible combination of numbers to play by allowing you to eliminate numbers that are most unlikely to come up. For example i can be 99.99% correct to predict that last draws 6 numbers will not come out 6 again (exactly all of them,the same )in the next draw, so the question is simple, WHY EVEN PLAY ALL OF THEM?. Your date of birth is another number i can predict wont come up. So all you have to do is eliminate numbers that you think are not likely to come up next,which is much easier than picking the ones coming out.

INSTRUCTIONS: Select '1' to allow number be part of the sample, select '0' to remove number from the sample.Once you are done Click "Generate loto numbers to play".Your loto set of numbers to play will appear in the left panel. TIP: Eliminating at least half the the numbers, avoiding any combination numbers at the same time or those in a pattern(11,33,22,44 etc) will give you at least 50% chance every time you play. To reshuffle the same sample, just click refresh button on your browser. For more help on playing strategies and tips email