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The next generation of Patients will be smarter, they will write their own prescriptions. At Nedke we are almost ready for that.Join the project, sign up.

  • There are so many Pharmacies and Health shops out there, how do you know which one has got what you are looking for?. Before you visit each one of them and come back empty, tired, stressed, and disappointed, sign in, click " Rx.Link ", then " Quick Reference " and check what they have in stock as published either by themselves or by other patients and the community. While checking, you get to read about side effects,warnings,indications,contra-indications, drug interactions and Pharmacological classes,Generic names and other brand names available on the market.
  • No personal information get published. Just sign in and click "STOCK UP A PHARMACY" . Share stock information and save lives. Any one can.

    Nedke Smart Technology Solutions (PTY) RSA . +27 0790676293

    Access to quality health services is one thing we all must enjoy. Unfortunately not every one gets it. The reason is that not every one has access to the same information and knowledge. At Nedke we aim to optmise quality health services for all by using our own in house developed auxillary health information management system . We are health professionals specialised in managing personalised medication and health information services while you focus on medical matters close to you like taking your Chronic medication or finishing that Antiobiotic course. Among other services we offer are:
  • 1. A personalised courier service. We collect acute prescribed medications for you from multiple Pharmacies in one go while you stay home/office.Proxy services.
  • 2. Monthly Chronic collection and delivery from any of your dispensing Pharmacies/Suppliers in one go. Proxy services
  • 3. "Know your Medicine". A 24 hours free online personal medicines information checker. know their side effects,contra indications, interactions and more.
  • 4. We provide you with free confidential personal medications and Health information management solution from a centralised system.
  • 5. Gives you 24/7 online access to your personal medications and Health information in case of an emergency.
  • 6. Provide a listing of all medical doctors and contact details as recommended by other patients.
  • 7. Provide a listing of all Pharmacies and contact details as recommended by other patients.
  • 8. 24/7 confidential online health consultations, free.